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Today we provide our expertise and know-how on the infrastructure of communication for the deaf and hearing impaired.  We offer key components in relay systems that meet international standards. We have ready-made products incorporating cloud services for easy individual adaptability depending on impairment and preference.


The history of Omnitor starts in the early nineties when Gunnar Hellström pursued the mission of seeking improved communication  solutions for the deaf. Gunnar had vast experience from the telecommunication industry which he applied in this field.  In 1998 he founded Omnitor as a limited company.

In the years to come a technical team evolved in Omnitor.  Growth and development has continued throughout the years to come within the Omnitor team.

Gunnar’s vast technical knowledge in combination with an non-ending passion for exploring new possibilities of communication led to the introduction of the concept Total Conversation. Total Conversation engages video, audio and text communication simultaneously. In order for Total Conversation to be useful, the communication has to follow standards.

Today Total Conversation is standardized by many standardization agencies (3GPP, ITU, IETF, ETSI). In resolution B4-0985/98, the EU Parliament states that all text- and video communication for deaf people has to be compatible.  Total Conversation is in its practice the answer on this demand.  The EU-commission group COCOM for application of the directives for electronic communication has a working group INCOM that recommend Total Conversation with SIP as the prioritized standard for available communication.