Omnitor  TTY IWF core functionality

This document describes the core functionality of the Omnitor TTY (Teletypewriters) IWF (inter working function). The core function is detection and conversation between TTY and SIP based real-time text (RTT). The IWF from Omnitor is easy to integrate in different infrastructure environments e.g. in 9-1-1 systems. It is software based, run in regular Linux server, and can work in virtual host environments.

Omnitor offers transcoding between many different IP-based text protocols and legacy text protocols.

Omnitor Conference unit:

A conference unit enabling Total Conversation conferences in virtual host environments. The Omnitor conference unit is very flexible and can be adapted to customer needs.

SIP – monitoring

System for monitoring and recording calls in your video- and/or text relay system using SIP.

Platform for relay system

The system comprise of  services such as video relay (VRS), text relay (TRS), IP-relay, video interpretation, writing interpretation and mobile caption.

Soft phones

eCtouch and eCmobile are softphones integrated in smartphones and tablets